Uncategorized November 11, 2023

Hi there neighbors!

Hi there friends,

My name is Ana Bohra

and I am your local realtor, real estate investor, and interior designer specializing in Fengshui and Vaastu Shastra. My background / degree is in architecture.

It is my belief that:

👉🏼 WHERE you live determines HOW you live.

I will be using this page to share real estate insider tips, new laws, neighborhood news from the ground, and market shifts as soon as they happen.

You will have real-time information about your local housing market, without the 2-4 week delay in reporting from media outlets!

If you ever have any questions about your specific scenario feel free to message me, I am here to help you reach your real estate and financial goals.

I am so excited to meet you!

Peace & Prosperity,