WHERE you live determines HOW you live.

Maximize the Bay Area value through real estate!


my goal is to broadcast your home's unique story to attract attention & generate highest gains.

Here is why sellers have found success with me:

  • Architectural acumen affordably raises the value and maximizes the sale price.
  • Strategic social media presence amplifies property visibility to 10k+ eligible buyers.
  • Brokerage’s foot traffic increases end-user buyer potential.
  • Investor network introduces a diverse buyer pool.
  • Interior design expertise curates home aesthetics and staging for optimal returns.
  • Community-rooted, culturally rich local knowledge ensures best offer terms.


my goal is to find (and win!) you a home or investment property that amplifies your authentic lifestyle & empowers you financially.

Here is why buyers have found success with me:

  • Architectural expertise uncovers hidden gems and understands local regulations.
  • Investor mindset ensures value purchases and strategic market navigation.
  • Access to legal counsel and charitable giving through my brokerage.
  • Deep community ties for seamless integration.
  • Feng Shui analysis and designs for harmonious living.
  • Daily social media content to empower your real estate decisions.

My specialties: 

  • long term rentals, house flipping, PropTech
  • home remodels, building permits, staging trends
  • Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra interior design (two ancient practices of arranging spaces to restore balance and bring prosperity to its owners)

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